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This is a rare oppurtunity to buy the best plate that will ever be available in New Zealand. The proud new owner will have one of the top three plates in the country to ever exist. The two other plates that rival this one are "1" - which is on a 2013 Ferrari 458 which the owner said will never be put for sale and will be put in his daughters will, and "GOD" - which is on a 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom and is owned by Kim Dotcom.

This plate is sure to appreciate in value over the years as the population rises and more of the plate combinations get taken. One can only imagine what this plate will be worth in 20-30 years.

This auction is for the lawful entitlement to the personalised plates IAMGOD. i.e. the legal right to have these plates made or remade and put on your vehicle and driven on NZ roads. (or just held as an investment)

Similar sales in New Zealand:

"V8KIWI" - $1,000,000 "1" - $600,000 in 1998

Examples of success in other markets:

"No 1" - $14,000,000 USA "18" - £1,050,000 Hong Kong "51NGH" - $682,000 Britain "K1NGS" - £231,000 Britain