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XL Non Players Jersey - Fundraising for Warriors Team Mate who suffered yet another season ending injury.



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This seller is located in Manukau, Auckland

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Questions & Answers (55)

  • Wouldn’t you sell a league jersey , and not a rugby one ?, who’s the warriors player ?owen239(12)10:10 am, Tue, 13 AugBoys just donated whatever. One of the trainers donated this. Can’t tell you who the player is for him wanting to stay anonymousjazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • Any details of who was injured?boydie35(11)11:50 am, Tue, 13 Aug
  • Is this Jass Tevaga?sambo_9(240)01:29 pm, Tue, 13 Aug
  • What's up with the no pick ups?kaneo116(388)01:57 pm, Tue, 13 AugBecause I don’t want you to come to my house loljazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • Looking dodgey. No trades, no feedback and no pick ups...kaneo116(388)02:00 pm, Tue, 13 AugFirst account bro. Don’t bid thenjazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • New trademe account , won’t name player? No pickup? Dodgydudewhatacar(131)02:00 pm, Tue, 13 AugNot naming player injured because he wants to remain anonymous. If you follow the warriors you’ll know who I’m talking aboutjazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • Just saying what everyone will be thinking. Good luckkaneo116(388)02:01 pm, Tue, 13 AugSweet bro.jazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • Awesome Jazz. What an admirable thing to do for a team mate. Good luck for your effort and xxx's recovery. Look forward to seeing him back on the field.puppet(539)02:53 pm, Tue, 13 AugThank you ❤️jazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • Theres a few injured..greatestofall(0)03:24 pm, Tue, 13 AugWell if you follow the Warriors bro, and you’ve read the description “Yet another season ending injury” there’s only one player whose injured who has had multiple season ending injuries.jazzyfizz4(4)• Tuesday, 13 August 2019
  • A legit warriors player selling something to help out his team mate. Good try last game bro. Up da!goose87(73)07:02 pm, Tue, 13 Aug
  • Great idea bro. Hope it sells for HEEEAPS! World cup winning, signed jersey, in world cup year... it's gotta.corpeedo(18)08:08 pm, Tue, 13 Aug
  • Good on you Jazz. Guessing you have already considered a GoFundMe so that a bunch of us could contribute?tuppence28(102)09:30 pm, Tue, 13 Aug
  • Bullwoggyboo(16)12:41 am, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Can the winner collect from Mt Smart?northbridgesign(25)10:47 am, Wed, 14 AugYeah bro coursejazzyfizz4(4)• Wednesday, 14 August 2019
  • Great jersey Took about 2 minutes to Google who the auction is raising funds for. All the best for the auction Jazz!maori_in_japan(29)11:19 am, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Unlucky about the bro. Good cause brojamie_s1(0)01:07 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Hope the uce recovers... ❤️epra(34)01:47 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Yo Jazz if I chuck the (C) on you this weekend can you assure me you’ll go ham and knock out a cricket score for fantasy? Chur2nd2none(67)03:54 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Good on yar for helping out one of your bro's. Good luck with the rest of the season.pawarenga(107)04:27 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Love ur work Jazz. So gutted for Nate he’s the man! Massive game this weekend in Sydney, up the lads!!!m-a-t-t(227)06:26 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Great cause and good luckwolfskin(447)07:06 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Well done, great article tonight on TV1 news. People should watch sport news if they don't follow the warriors and keep up with current news and players injuries......onsitegas(5)07:45 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Great idea, good luckcrickett(647)07:52 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Jazz, the sooner xxx gets back, the sooner you can get back to your preferred position bro! Great idea, get a signed Warriors jersey up mate and he and his family will do very well out of it without a doubtsmithh(333)09:37 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Surly the bro gets paid being injured ?ralyrt(117)10:54 pm, Wed, 14 AugIt’s not the point mate. Us boys tryna do something positive for him. Send him away to live life a little because he’s had a tough 3 years. Obviously we all got bills to pay so why not auction off some of our stuff. Win win situation for us and the fans.jazzyfizz4(4)• Wednesday, 14 August 2019
  • Hey jazzyT you are doing a great thing here. I’d be interested in any of your own warriors match worn jerseys if you’re willing to throw them up. d.sorich(at)hotmail(dot)com. What a good man you are. Get well soon my boy N**R**dsorich(27)11:07 pm, Wed, 14 Aug
  • Jazz, any chance you can put up lisones boots he used with his 55m drop goal attempt?pricek(2)12:17 am, Thu, 15 AugHaha brother I would frame those and keep them for myself. Those are pricelessjazzyfizz4(4)• Thursday, 15 August 2019
  • How would the seller get photos off everything if he was not legit?And would a pro athlete really want people rocking up to his house?Think about it before asking silly questions people.Have some respect58thsundevil(7)02:44 am, Thu, 15 AugChur my bro 🤙🏽jazzyfizz4(4)• Thursday, 15 August 2019
  • It was a genuine question mate not a hateful one was sure how it works with people that play sport and get injured. Nice act of kindness bro. Also make sure you hit that tedesco hard this week he not helping my fantasy team so let him get no TB or try’s. Cheers Good luck with the auctionsralyrt(117)06:20 am, Thu, 15 AugAlgood uso, wasn’t coming back with hate.jazzyfizz4(4)• Thursday, 15 August 2019
  • Is it nath roachehla33(240)06:27 pm, Thu, 15 Aug
  • Have any of the players left any STI'S on the Jerseymolly_station(11)10:18 pm, Thu, 15 Aug
  • Get off this persons case guys i have seen plenty of charity auctions like this that make new TM accounts. Its for a good cause either bid or move on! All the best with the auction!mayz3(36)11:49 pm, Thu, 15 Aug
  • For all you dumbasses it's for Nate Roachegravityb(7)08:44 am, Fri, 16 Aug
  • It's this my man Jazz Tevaga?sup_bay(15)12:17 pm, Fri, 16 Aug
  • Geez some of the questions are a bit out there. Pretty obvious who the player is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ if your not a fan then jog on ✌✌amyleenz(132)06:35 pm, Fri, 16 Aug
  • Wat a crock. They get paid enough even if injuredbruizer12(1)09:33 pm, Fri, 16 AugTake your negativity out of here goosejazzyfizz4(4)• Friday, 16 August 2019
  • Why not auction it for a charity. Why don't u tell everyone how much he gets paid pretty sure he dosent need the money ya goosebruizer12(1)09:35 pm, Fri, 16 AugThe man bro.jazzyfizz4(4)• Friday, 16 August 2019
  • 400g or more come on do tellbruizer12(1)09:43 pm, Fri, 16 Aug
  • Too much too see someone letting go of such a jersey to help a mate out..!! Jazz you got the heart of a saint.. up the warriors!!shaneo_smythy(24)10:16 pm, Fri, 16 Aug
  • Far when did Trade me become Facebook? All these keyboard thugs lol they wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped them in the nostrils lol awesome mahi uce keep it up :)mugz3(114)12:05 am, Sat, 17 Aug
  • Geez what about the haters ffs-if you got nothing good to say then f-off. What’s it got to do with anyone how much one gets paid....that’s right it don’t. Good luck with auction mate and don’t let these plonkas put ya off am sure you’ll do well👍jentim(55)12:29 am, Sun, 18 Aug
  • If hes employed by the warriors either his contract or ACC covers his wages, can you explain why he needs handouts from people that probably earn less than himandyp00(21)09:06 am, Sun, 18 AugHandouts ?! Whose handing out money to him ? This auction isn’t about financially supporting him. We’re auctioning off our own personal items to raise money so we can book him a holiday. If you have a problem with it do something about it pussyjazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • Heres an idea how bout you contribute a percentage of your weekly paycheck everytime you loose this season, you could send him around the world a few times.andyp00(21)11:23 am, Sun, 18 AugWhy when can raise money by auctioning our stuff off ?jazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • How bout giving it to a worthwhile cause instead. am, Sun, 18 AugSave your money up & you give yours & well give ours where want. If you got nothing else to say then piss off.jazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • Andrew andypoo what a dick!! Take your negative comments somewhere else you tool!!!hqgts(544)12:26 pm, Sun, 18 Aug
  • God u sound like an up yourself puller. Chirst and you represent our country. Hmmm wer you even born herebruizer12(1)03:01 pm, Sun, 18 Aug
  • Do something about it pussy? Sounds like you wanna fight ya cockbruizer12(1)03:02 pm, Sun, 18 AugNow why would I want thatjazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • Apologies, I take it back. Why shouldn't he be able to go on holiday, I mean it's only fair if the rest of his team mates are on holiday week in week out.andyp00(21)06:02 pm, Sun, 18 AugTake your energy elsewhere bruh your wasting timejazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • Some of you lot need to get a life. Good work jazzdavidb123(0)06:44 pm, Sun, 18 Aug
  • Too many negative people on here fark me ashamed to be a kiwi listen to all you whinging farks Nice thing to do bro well done hope he gets better this is what real friends do !!!uhsl(168)06:50 pm, Sun, 18 AugHaha tell me about it brother. 🤙🏽jazzyfizz4(4)• Sunday, 18 August 2019
  • What a lovely thing your doing! :) Goodluck and all the best! Xaresmaximus1(260)09:06 pm, Sun, 18 Aug
  • Good on you raising money for ya mate. Even if others think that it isn't a charitable cause, i reckon what you're doing is awesome.skrrreeee(0)02:21 pm, Mon, 19 Aug
  • Really surprised to see all the negative comments on here - pretty disappointing to be honest. It's been a tough year supporting the Warriors, but seeing the team rally behind a teammate like this makes me feel the club is in good shape moving forward. As a fan, it's awesome to see. All the best with your auctions!jt330(0)02:50 pm, Mon, 19 Aug
  • Good luck Jazz way to look after the breather bro Ps i lost my Supercoach because of you hahahahacelexani(117)05:11 pm, Mon, 19 Aug
  • Bro you got a couple of dickheads on here good luck with the auction69austin(37)05:26 pm, Mon, 19 Aug

2015 Signed All Blacks RWC jersey.

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Closed: Mon 19th Aug, 6:22pm
Shipping from $10.00
Seller located in Manukau, Auckland
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015
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