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Waterproof and non-tearable, these pieces of paper are perfect for activities such as origami and paper plane making. Priced between $12 and $30 or $54 for the full collection. Pick up only.



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This seller is located in Auckland City, Auckland

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Questions & Answers (43)

  • Bit small for origami... and the plane wouldn’t stay up in the air... loljclanrocks(32)11:55 am, Mon, 7 OctI’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a paper plane, but none of them do stay in the air. You’re thinking of a plane plane, try searching for Boeing, Airbus etc.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Will the supply be ongoing or is this the only 3?anniebee(623)01:44 pm, Mon, 7 OctAm looking to source some more but they can take up to 4 hours each to make. Will keep you updated.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Hmm I get some of these for free occasionally... wait...error501(25)01:45 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • Are you interested in trades? I have some duplicates in my Wellington set.capstan60(112)02:12 pm, Mon, 7 OctAm willing to trade for 2 x $20 notes, 1 x $10 and 2 x $2 coins. Or an exotic animal.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Have you considered having afterpay as a payment option?ybai(0)02:26 pm, Mon, 7 OctSorry, cash only. I would do afterpay but something has come up and I need the money quite urgently.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • are you just selling your old parking fines?mathewlawrence(1)02:51 pm, Mon, 7 OctNo. Serious questions only please.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • The folds are gonna struggle to hold with that satin laminate. Paper plane sure, but I'm looking at making an origami model of the economy - what reassurances can you give where modeling the granular level of private assets is concernedthomasjameswolf(92)04:27 pm, Mon, 7 OctHi Thomas James Wolf, I personally give no reassurance around any of the complicated words you’ve used as I don’t know what they mean (granular, economy, folds etc). However, I do have it in good faith that if you are to use this paper to instead make 1000 origami cranes, whatever your wish, it will be granted.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Do they come with the nice blue fabric? I’m also into haberdashery collections.becbec99(41)04:51 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • How much extra do you charge for pre folding them? Also. Any chance of some longer ones? They'd make such versatile streamers! You could leave them out in the rain all year round.ambojo1(250)06:24 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • Hahahaha! This is too good to be true!!patricia_lemes(74)07:23 pm, Mon, 7 OctYou know what they say, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Unless it’s arts and crafts paper off TradeMe, then it’s legit and a very good deal that you should put in a bid for.”joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Are possums exotic enough?capstan60(112)07:37 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • Hi, if i bid $60.00 for the collection of wonderful paper would you ship to " THE CHATHAMS"zkawp(78)07:38 pm, Mon, 7 OctHello zkawp, I am unsure about postage as they are a fragile product. However I may be able to pre-fold them into paper planes and throw them there. Hope this helps.joshmthompson(9)• Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Awesomecheyennenlsn(0)08:01 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • Are they suitable as rolling papers? Always losing me zigzags :/jamiewilliams35(4)10:40 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • I have an exotic animal beasttadpole4(208)11:31 pm, Mon, 7 Oct
  • Are you serious?cleox(173)08:03 am, Tue, 8 Oct
  • AT is very hated yet talented, hence the massive amount of wealth it (gender unverified) gathered over the years, mainly because these pieces brings out a very violent reaction out of people. It's got alot of supporters that displays these pieces upon peoples windscreen of their vehicle in public spaces. Despite the violent reaction, most people make purchases of these collection regardless. I don't get it either....sgoh012(204)08:40 am, Tue, 8 Oct
  • You can shove your world tour up ya slag holethomasjameswolf(92)11:07 am, Tue, 8 OctHi Thomas James Wolf, thank you for your enquiry. Sincerely, Josh xjoshmthompson(9)• Tuesday, 8 October 2019
  • Is this good for toilet paper?consolsolar(79)12:13 pm, Tue, 8 Oct
  • Are those tickets already paid up, or are we going to purchase your debts?daphne68(339)03:05 pm, Tue, 8 Oct
  • Wow those arts and craft papers look 'fine' to me. Do they look that 'fine' in real life?temoanaj(61)04:55 pm, Tue, 8 Oct
  • Hello joshsworldtour, can you consider shipping down south?elna4(142)04:59 pm, Tue, 8 OctHello elna4, if you send a carrier pigeon to Auckland I would be more than happy to attach the paper and send him back. I would send a pigeon of my own but they're currently all on a team bonding trip in Queenstown. Hope you're well xjoshmthompson(9)• Tuesday, 8 October 2019
  • Hhmm, could always test em out as high end, top quality loo roll for wiping dodgy crevaces as required 🤔phoenix000000(23)05:35 pm, Tue, 8 Oct
  • Wish this had a like button! 😂sukie25(14)05:40 pm, Tue, 8 OctIt has a 'bid' button located up the top left corner xjoshmthompson(9)• Tuesday, 8 October 2019
  • This is bloody awesomecrazysalmon(6)07:05 pm, Tue, 8 Oct
  • Buy now?thisiscleb(8)08:53 am, Wed, 9 OctYes pleasejoshmthompson(9)• Wednesday, 9 October 2019
  • Dry.darbsta(496)01:49 pm, Wed, 9 Oct
  • Are you sure they are new, they look a bit used...knuffel(189)07:01 pm, Wed, 9 Oct
  • Hi do you know the weight for postage purposesstephanie1994(29)07:32 pm, Wed, 9 Oct
  • To all potential buyers this seller can be seen in Auckland city parking lots for hours at a time don’t waste your money, instead go sit in any car park you wish to obtain your own arty craft laminated paper....sharktale3(105)08:20 pm, Wed, 9 Oct
  • i have a $200 one if anyones keenchchsell23(37)09:21 pm, Wed, 9 Oct
  • I would advise you to hold onto these if you can - they appreciate greatly in value over time. I have one from 2017, at the last valuation it had already reached $750!!kaibcrow(38)07:39 am, Thu, 10 Oct
  • Have you considered taking bitcoin?braks(368)06:30 pm, Thu, 10 Oct
  • Are you high?wsidiyot(72)07:02 pm, Thu, 10 Oct
  • Hi have a very condition yellow Parkering version from Alesund, Norway if you are interested in a trade. Valued at 600.00kr, but priceless.matty_marr(156)07:52 pm, Thu, 10 Oct
  • Your selling paper?dodgytrades(0)10:46 pm, Thu, 10 Oct
  • New to origami. Is the text instructions on how to create the cranes? And what is the lifft capacity of said cranes?volly1(31)01:34 pm, Fri, 11 Oct
  • Hi there, If the set doesn't sell, would you consider selling seperately? Thanksjaneller(516)07:33 pm, Fri, 11 OctYes I would happily. I have also since obtained another 2 pieces, one similar to those in the photo and another larger one made of a slightly different material with the letters T, O, W, I, N and G printed across the top - this one retails at a slightly higher value.joshmthompson(9)• Friday, 11 October 2019
  • Would it be possible to get these delivered by courier. Or bailiff?davov(125)02:02 pm, Sat, 12 Oct
  • Ha ha.spider68(71)04:02 pm, Sat, 12 Oct
  • Hi art student here ! these paper are such good quality do u guys do bulk?patty659(7)07:00 pm, Sat, 12 Oct
  • Does this come with a receipt or authentication document?calebaintheian(49)07:37 am, Mon, 14 Oct
  • How did your AMA go on reddit? 😏kayuzut(0)08:01 pm, Mon, 14 Oct

Arts and Crafts Paper

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Closed: Tue 15th Oct, 3:25pm
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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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